Within the frame of the: WORLD GUITAR COMPETITION the WGC board, wishing to extend the classical guitar repertory and to stimulate the creation of the new and original works, announces the:

Composition Competition for Classical Guitar 2017

1. Composition submitted should never have been published or performed in a public concert. Work will have to be written for 6 (six) strings classical guitar solo.

2. Duration of the composition should not be less than 3 min. and not longer than 6 min.  

3. Composition must not contain in any way а known theme оr a part of any known theme or a motive.  

4. The competition is open to composers of any nationality, without any age limit. Any composer can take part in the contest with several works. 

5. For the application, the contestants have to send an e-mail to the WGC e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the following requirements : 

a) The score in PDF form which must not contain any information or reference that might allow identification of the author. Instead of name, the score must display a pseudonym, and must indicate the approximate length of the piece. The score should be written in one of the following programs: Finale or Sibelius. Handwritten scores will not be accepted.   

b) – audio recording of the composition played either by guitarist or computer generated, converted in MP3 form. The jury decision, however, will relay only on PDF scores. MP3 recording will not affect in any way the judgment of  the jury but will help them for easier understanding of the piece. 

c) – curriculum vitae; together with: first name, last name, complete address (telephone, fax, e-mail); telephone number for any communication; – one recent photo of the composer, not less than 600 pixels on longer side and not larger than 1 mb – a scanned copy of any valid document of identification ( passport, ID card, etc.) to confirm the identity  – a scanned copy of a signed declaration that the composition is unpublished. Download declaration HERE – a scanned copy of the payment document of the entry fee. The e-mail must arrive by 31st of July 2017. Failure to observe any of the regulations mentioned above may result in exclusion from this competition. All e-mails should be written clearly in English or Serbian language. 

6. The entry fee for the competition is $ 20 (twenty USD) for the first score and $ 10 (ten USD) thereafter for each of the successive scores. Payment can be made as follows: With these instructions (download pdf HERE) printed, contestant should go to any bank and make the payment. 

You may also make a payment via PayPal, in that case please contact us for getting the invoice.


Competitors from Serbia only: Takmičari iz Srbije kotizaciju uplaćuju u dinarima (po višem kursu Narodne Banke Srbije na dan uplate) na račun broj: 160-929755-46 Svrha: Kotizacija za World Guitar Competition 2017. Korisnik: Asocijacija gitarista Vojvodine, Novi Sad 

The entry fee is not refundable. 

7. The names of the three finalists, chosen by the jury, will be announced on the WGC website. 

8. The author of the winning composition will receive a prize of $ 500 (five hundred USD), runner up $ 200 (two hundred USD), and third-placed $ 100 (one hundred USD).The prizes cannot be divided. 

Funds for prizes are provided by Vojvodina Institute for Culture. 

The jury reserves the right not to award the prizes. The jury may award all or part of the prizes previously indicated in paragraph 8. The decision of the jury is final. 

9. The application to participate in the competition confirms that the contestants unconditionally accept all the rules and regulations currently established. 

10. The rules and regulations of the competition are subject to change by the competition board without previous announcement.


Winning composition of  WGC 2011, "Lunar Down" composed by Janko Rašeta (Poland)
published by Chanterelle Verlag 


Winning composition of  WGC 2012, "Kabalka" composed by Orestis Kalampalikis (Greece)
published by Chanterelle Verlag


Winning composition of  WGC 2013, "Im Nebel" composed by Marco Ramelli (Italy)
published by Chanterelle Verlag